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Mineral Makeup by alienor®

For all you Beauties with sensitive skins: give yourself a natural makeover!

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Mineral Cosmetics - be creative - have fun!

Loose mineral cosmetics are pure Earth's minerals in powder form without fillers, fragrances, dyes. They are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, let your skin breathe, provide natural sun protection, give a fresh and natural look. With mineral powders you can play, mix, experiment and discover your individuality.

How to choose your colour

To get a natural look with your make-up, you will choose a shade that has similarities to your complexion. Always match your foundation to your actual skin colour as closely as possible. We have grouped the foundation shades combining colour families (cold/neutral/warm) and intensity (value) to make it easier to choose the right shade.

For those who are not familiar with skin colour tones named cold, warm or neutral:
Cold: pink undertones
Warm: yellow undertones
Neutral: balanced undertones

In order to pick the right undertone, look at your skin for either yellow or orange tones, which are warm undertones; or red or blue tones, the cool undertones. If unsure, test a shade of warm and cool foundation along the jaw line. If you have warm undertones, you will look ashy with cool-toned foundations. Cool undertones will have the look of orange and jaundice skin with warm-toned foundations. Have a look at the colours of your clothes, what fits you best: cold colours or warm colours - silver or gold?

For your eyes you may choose colours that contrast with the shade of your eyes - not colours that match them exactly.
Complementary colours will enhance your eyes :
blue eyes - gold, yellow, orange, brown
green eyes - pink, red, mauve, purple, taupe
brown eyes - greatest choice of colours, green, violet

Application Tips for Mineral foundation

Mineral foundation is a three-in-one product: concealer, foundation and powder.
There are different ways of application, try and find out the best one for your skin.

Dry Application:
Apply to clean, moisturized skin. Allow enough time for the moisturizer to completely absorb. Tap a small amount of powder into a bowl and swirl your brush (kabuki, flat top or powder brush) into it. Tap the brush-handle, end down, gently on a hard surface to settle the powder into the brush head. Apply lightly in thin layers. Continue adding layers until the desired coverage has been reached.

Wet Application:
For very dry skin you may blend mineral foundation with your moisturizer. First, moisturize as usual. Tap a small amount of powder in a bowl or your hand, add your favourite daytime moisturizer and mix to desired consistency and colour. Use a sponge or your fingers to apply.

With mineralfoundation often a separate concealer is not needed. Apply small amounts of mineral foundation with a small brush to problem areas and blend well. For all those, who want to cover intense redness or dark under eye circles the corrector powders are the right choice.

Blush and Eye Shadow

Mineral blushes and bronzers will give you a natural glow. Apply with a brush starting with your cheeks brushing towards your hairline. Use also on your forehead and bridge of nose for contoured and sunkissed appearance. Experiment with different shades!

Eyeshadows are probably the most fun and versatile parts of using makeup. Enjoy!
For a long lasting eye make-up first prime the eye area with mineral foundation, then apply a natural, light base colour all over the lid. Eye shadow powders can be used dry or with a damp brush, dip just the tip of the brush into loose powder, remove any excess powder, then brush gently on your lids, crease, under the brow... Use several colours, blend them well... - be creative!
For a liquid eye liner mix powder and water together on your hand or in a bowl and apply with your damp liner brush to your lids close to the lashes.

Lip Colour and Nail Polish

Use a lip brush and clear lip gloss or lip balm to apply any colour you like to your lips.
Create you own nail polish by mixing your mineral powder into clear or coloured nail polish!

Cosmetic Brushes

An excellent makeup application begins with your tools and good quality brushes are one of the best investments you can make. High quality brushes will last years, if not a lifetime. A good quality brush is made from various animal hairs or synthetics depending on its use. They come in flat, round or tapered edges and each has its own function.
You may choose between different hair types, density and shapes whether you want light or heavy coverage of your foundation.
Shape and density:
With tight and flat bristles you will get heavier coverage.
Very soft hair will provide lighter, sheer coverage.
Longer hair will provide lighter coverage.
Hair types:
Badger: very soft and long hair
Goat: soft hair, less expensive alternative to squirrel
Sable: great variety, comes from any member of the weasel family
Squirrel: very soft and fine hair; expensive, often mixed
Pony: soft and strong hair, often mixed with squirrel
Synthetics: Taklon or Nylon, mostly used for liquids and creams

Makeup Brush Care

Your investment in top quality makeup brushes can last for a very long time if you treat them right.
Wash your face brushes at least once a week, your eye shadow, liner and lip brushes after each application. Use a mild cleaner like brush soap and warm water, be careful not to let run any water into the ferrule. Massage a small amount of soap through the brush hair and rinse with warm water until completely clean. Gently press the water out of the hair and back into shape. Let the brush air dry, laying flat or hanging with hairs down. Never let it dry with hair facing upwards.

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